Sound Card vs Audio Interface: The Same or Different?

Sound Card vs Audio Interface

As an audiophile and a musician, I’m looking for the best audio quality possible when I’m making and listening to music, recording audio, playing video games, and even watching shows and movies on my computer. Both a sound card and an audio interface are responsible for playing and recording audio on your computer. But, in … Read more

Do You Need An Audio Interface To Record Guitar?

Recording guitar with audio interface

Recording is an important aspect of playing the guitar. Recording allows the guitarist to hear what they sound like, explore creative realms of songwriting, and find areas of their sound and technique that could be improved. However, what if you don’t have an audio interface? Can you record guitar without an audio interface? You can … Read more

Do I Need Phantom Power If I Have An Audio Interface?

Phantom power with an audio interface

Phantom power is a widely misunderstood feature of audio equipment, and many beginner audio enthusiasts don’t really know what it is for, what equipment needs it and how it works. As such, the question arises, if indeed, you do need phantom power if you have an audio interface? Let’s find out. You will only need … Read more

Do I Need An Audio Interface For A MIDI Keyboard?

Do midi controllers need audio interfaces

MIDI controllers are one of the best pieces of audio equipment that you can use in order to create and manipulate “digital” music. However, many individuals don’t know how they work, how to connect them up to their recording device (computer, laptop, or Mac), or what other audio equipment they need, like an interface. MIDI … Read more