Do Microphone Isolation Shields Work: DIY vs Professional

Microphone isolation shields

When considering whether or not to use a microphone isolation shield, there are some specific things about your environment and your recording process to take into account. There are arguments for both sides of this debate, but are microphone isolation shields truly worth investing in and using? Like a great many questions we tackle here, the … Read more

Sound Card vs Audio Interface: The Same or Different?

Sound Card vs Audio Interface

As an audiophile and a musician, I’m looking for the best audio quality possible when I’m making and listening to music, recording audio, playing video games, and even watching shows and movies on my computer. Both a sound card and an audio interface are responsible for playing and recording audio on your computer. But, in … Read more

Songwriter vs Producer: Planning for a Career in Music?

songwriter vs music producer

If you’re interested in music, whether you’re wanting to become a singer, songwriter, composer, or producer, it can be helpful to clarify each of these roles. The songwriter vs producer debate is not easy to settle. This is mainly because these roles have changed so much in recent years. So, if you’re asking yourself, “What … Read more

Guide: Exactly What Does “Remastered Music” Mean?


Remastering is a term that’s often used in the music industry, but it can seem somewhat ambiguous. What is remastered music in reality, and what is the process of remastering a track? Does remastering a song really improve its sound? And, what does remastered music mean anyway? Remastered music has gone through a process of … Read more